OWWA Programs


OWWA, through Seamac International Institute Inc., offers short courses on the following:

  • Commercial Cooking
  • Cooking for Housewives
  1. For interested applicants, please contact the Family Center to prepare the Certificate of OWWA Contributions at:

                 Corporate Communicaitons & Family Center

                 Direct: +63 2 5223290

                 Mobile: +63 917 8694041

                 E-mail: ccfc@asm-manila.com


     2.  Complete the requirements stated below:

          For Seafarers:

          β—Š Accomplished application form
          β—Š Seaman’s Identification and Record Book (SIRB)
          β—Š Proof of OWWA Membership
                 β–ͺ Official Receipt of OWWA Contribution

          β—Š 2” x 2” photo (2 copies)
          β—Š Latest Residence Certificate

          For Beneficiaries/ Dependents:

          β—Š Beneficiaries or dependents of Seafarers
          β—Š Child below 21 yrs. Old or spouse of a married one
          β—Š Brother/ sister below 21 yrs. old of an unmarried seafarer
          β—Š Accomplished application form (2 copies)
          β—Š 1” x 1” photo (2 copies)
          β—Š Proof of relationship to member

                β–ͺ (Copy of birth certificate of applicant and of the member, if related as brother

                   or sister, duly certified by the local registrar or NSO) or,  

                β–ͺ Marriage Contract

          β—Š Diploma (any of the following: Primary/ Secondary/ Tertiary)
          β—Š Proof of OWWA Membership

                β–ͺ Official Receipt of OWWA Contribution/ Certification from OWWA Membership

                   Processing Center (Form B)


     3.) You may proceed to the main office of OWWA (or to any regional OWWA offices in 

          your hometown) to acquire the application form.

          Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA)

          2nd Floor OWWA Center cor. 7th F.B. Harrison St. Pasay City

          Email Address: owwa_ncr@yahoo.com

          Tel No:            +632 891-7601 to 24 loc. 5206, 5214, 5204

                                +632 832-1268

                                +632 551-6643


       4.) Document evaluation will be done by OWWA representatives to determine whether or

            not the registered seafarer is an active member.

        5.) Once approved, OWWA will issue a notice of award indicating that they will shoulder

             cost of training not exceeding PHP 14,500.00.

        6.) Please contact again the CCFC to provide assistance upon enrollment.