ASM-ISNTC December 2008 Activities

ASM-ISNTC December 2008 Activities

December for ASM and ISNTC had been synonymous to visitors and seminars that made everyone's hands full, from hotel bookings, endless calling and follow-ups confirmation to the participants, preparation of the venue and materials to be used, last minute cancellations of some crews and final checking of requirements. Nonetheless, it stirred within all the staff mixed emotion such as thrill, anticipation, excitement, and nervousness as each visitor arrives and the activities unfolds one by one. Gracing the ASM and ISNTC Premises and events last December are Christian Ioannou, Diether Rohdenburg, Bernd Oeltjen, Capt. Rene Dzicki, Walter Vervloesem, Mike Broadley and Pawel Bury. The activities were as follows: Food and Hygiene Course, Senior Fleet Officers Seminar, Leadership Seminar (Sharpening Aptitudes in Leadership Seminar or otherwise 'SAIL') and Ship Administrators' Seminar.


 Food and Hygiene Course was the first in the calendar of activities. It started last November 28 and 29 and continued until December 1 to 5, 2008. Christian Ioannou, Personnel Superintendent of ISN, was the Instructor/Facilitator. The eleven (11) participants was composed of five(5) Cooks, two (2) Steward, one (1) Steward/Trainee and two (2) from ISNTC catering department namely Ms. Susan Rata and Ms. Emily Lecaros. Ms. Sarah Erojo from Mindanao Polytechnic College also attended the seminar. The first two days of the course deals with the theoretical side and the remaining days on the practical application where the different cooking techniques from baking, filleting, roasting and broiling, to mention a few were tackled and put into practice. As part of their practical examination, the participants prepared the two days morning and afternoon coffee break of the Senior Fleet Officers Seminar. They served chocolate brownies, doughnuts, pumpkin soup, chocolate chips cookies, and muffins, chicken fajita with guacamole sauce, fried cheese balls, mini pizzas and home made fish fingers.

















The activity next in line was held last December 1 to 3, 2008 at Antipolo City. Participants for the Leadership Seminar (SAIL) stayed for 3 days and two nights at MMLDC where the place is truly an inspiring place. The center provided our crew with a conducive environment for team building and learning. Mr. Alberto Gomez, Managing Director of ASM, did the standard opening rites on the first day. CM Fidel Ferro, CE Allan Rata, Mona Riza Magtibay and Jovie Salibio assisted the 27 ASM Officers. These are mixed breed of management and operational level officers from the engine and deck, were equipped with knowledge and skills on the Principles of Leadership, Communication, Motivation, Coaching, and Counseling by the Facilitators Mr. Loui Banta and Mr. Jed Nera, who conducted the seminar on the first and second day respectively. Capt. Dzicki, discussed in lengthy on the second day, during the input session, the Ten Core Safety Leadership Qualities. During the two nights stay, the boys had a great time after each dinner with their socialization program. They had a drinking spree and videoke. Making the second night special is a professional belly dancer who mesmerized and entertained everyone with her fluid like movements. On the third day, amidst the rain, the officers had their various outdoor activities, from electric fence to blind fold activity. The knowledge they had gained from the first two days lecture were then put to test through these hands on activity.











The seminar that took place after SAIL seminar was the Senior Fleet Officers Seminar (SFO), this was attended by 27 Deck Officers and 9 Engine Officers. Speaking before the participants were Mr. Diether Rohdenburg, Mr. Bernd Oeltjen, Capt. Rene Dzicki, Mr. Water Vervloesem, Mr. Mike Broadley, Capt. Teodoro Moro, Mr. Pawel Bury and Chief Engineer Jovito Erive. Mr. Louie Banta of MERALCO acted as the moderator. The participants were empowered with the discussion on Hatch Covers, Commercial Awareness, Marine Insurances, Insurance Covers, Motivation, Leadership, Passage Planning, ISO 14001, and Oil Record Book. Participants of the SFO had a sumptuous merienda during their morning and afternoon breaks. It was prepared and served by the participants on the Food & Hygiene course under the tutelage of Christian Ioannou.











Mr. Pawel Bury had a brief and concise seminar with our SHIP ADMINISTRATORS on the 5th of December 2008. He discussed IT on board, Suggested best practices and IT News, virus exposure, communications and new arrivals such as Dualog Connection Suite, Inmarsat Fleet Broadband, and Improved ship network configuration. The seminar was attended by 9 Administrators, 4 Admin/Trainees and the ISNTC Administrator Officer, Noel Valenzuela. At the completion of each seminar, seeing how the visitors had been unselfish in imparting their knowledge and knowing that our crew enjoyed and more importantly, learned from these seminars, the product of all the endless overtime, effort, and hard work of everyone involved in the preparation of these activities had finally paid off.

Submitted By: Mona Riza C. Magtibay